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Ira Briones

Ira Briones

I would primarily describe my style of improv as grounded, heartfelt, and honest. At the same time, like the way I live my life as a queer and trans and polyamorous human, I love exploring range so you will also find me with bursts of absurd characters and wacky moves. I feel good about my improv when I’m able to express nuance with it.

My comedic voice tends to be mischievous, melodramatic, and at least a tad flirtatious lol! When I’m in a bold mood, which I now aim to be in more often, I also get pointed and sarcastic, and occasionally dark.

Fun fact: I'm a trained psychic medium. Though I apply those muscles differently than traditional psychic mediums typically do. Feel free to ask me more about it in person! Or…I can read your questions from your mind. Kidding I don't do that. Or do I?

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